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My wonderful friend is making the big move to the big apple early next year (Which selfishly I’m very sad about her moving hundreds of miles away and for us to not be able to see each other as much as we do.. BUT this is an awesome opportunity and the best thing is I will have a friend in New York.. hello shopping weekends here we come!). She is in the process of clearing out her apartment, getting rid of furniture she doesn’t want to keep, and .. prepare yourself for what I’m about to say… the horror… of downsizing her wardrobe (on a side note, we might be looking for a beautiful home next year and the ONE thing which is the MOST important thing, is I am requesting a Carrie Bradshaw closet… because I am the opposite and want to keep up sizing!!)

She confidently, and smugly told me she has managed to get her closet down to, I think she said either 28 items or 35… either way I can’t remember because I was in shock. I instantly thought about ALL my hundreds, and I’m not exaggerating, dresses I have hanging up. I can think of 5 off the top of my head that I’ve never worn, because I’ve not had the ‘right’ occasion, and then I think of all my bags, which again just sit looking like decoration, and my heels… those ‘something blue’ Manolo’s literally have never stepped out of my apartment and I’ve had them for 14 months! I have hundreds of work options, casual options, gym attire, going out, date night, cinema night… honestly over the years my wardrobe is like my collection of art. The thought of ONLY having 28-35 items for EVERYTHING made me a little sad.

However, it got me thinking. Say if I was going to **can’t say it** downsize, then what items would I actually use and ‘need’. So here is my Choo’s and Fashion Doos list of things which every girl NEEDS to have in their wardrobe, and this is only my opinion and my taste so I might be way off base to generalise and state that this is the norm for ALL women!!

Ankle Booties

Okay, so I’m maybe only recently biased as I bought my first black flat ankle booties from ShoeBar, by BCBG a month ago. I have worn them ALL the time. Not only are they comfortable, they go with so many of my outfits whether it’s a dress, skinny jeans or skirt.

Hot Jeans

We all have that pair of jeans, you put them on and you feel AMAZING! I might have several pairs of jeans however you need to invest in one great pair!!


For all occasions. That fail safe dress sitting at the back of your wardrobe ready to make you feel like a million dollars. Whether you are wearing it for work, a night out, dinner, dressed down with sandals, LBD’s are a staple item.

Leather Jacket

Maybe, not just a leather jacket but your go to jacket which you can pull on over any outfit. I have a beautiful fringe black jacket by Banana Republic which I have paired with my gym outfits, dresses and jeans.

Statement Heels

Statement, every day heels in either black or nude. Comfortable, so you aren’t dreading putting them on or regretting it after an hour. Aldo have great inexpensive heels which I use for work every day, if you wish to go one step up, I would recommend Coach.. looking for more? Loubs are a MUST!

Lightweight Cardigan

That classic, soft, great cardigan that you can pull on, either in your apartment/house, or In the office or on a night out. Banana Republic I would always recommend, or H&M for a bargain.

Black Blazer

I always have my black blazer, from H&M in my car all the time, I use this for work purposes or if I just want to make an outfit look smarter whether I’m running to a happy hour or a function. Black is a great colour as it will generally go with everything.

Denim shorts

If I was writing this from Scotland I can assure this, this item would not be on my ‘MUST NEED’ list, but as I’m currently based in Houston this is MUCH needed! Paired with a cute top, or blazer (Black blazer, see above!!) and cute pumps or sandals

Converse sneakers

Or just tennis shoes, I am just biased to Converse! I have a white pair which I wear with everything!

Classic Handbag

Obviously, I would LOVE to state that my classic handbag is Chanel, but no it’s not! If I had one I would say this is the classic handbag you need in your life. But realistically, my go to bag which I use ALL the time for work, or going out, or it’s the one with the ‘most use’ is By Mulberry (This brand is much bigger in the Uk, think Kate Spade) and I actually purchased off eBay. It was slightly worn, but I have now had it in my life since I moved ashore (oh my goodness it’s been 5 YEARS!) and it still looks new. Investment.

Classic Pencil Skirt

You need to ensure you are picking items from your wardrobe which you can switch between functions like work to happy hour, to wedding etc. I would recommend a black pencil skirt, and I’m not trying to change your wardrobe to be entirely black items but it goes with EVERYTHING…

Tank Tops/Tees

Which leads me to my last ‘must have’ item. Cute Tees or tank tops. I would recommend plain colours, like Grey, or white. Now this is where you can add your pop of colour for work outfits or nights out, but keeping it simple and easy. Statement necklaces is where you can have the fun changing looks J

 Hopefully this might help if you are looking to downsize and you are looking for a clear out – think sensibly and clearly and ask yourself ‘ when was the last time I actually worn this’



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    Omg yes!! These are all a must

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