a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

One of my resolutions last year was to spend time updating my website – unfortunately here I am half way into February and no posts! The wonderful Choos And Fashion Doos is nearly 5! 

It’s been a cray start to the year house hunting and getting to grips with my new job. Turns out 2017 is THE year to visit us in America – we have two months during summer alone! 

I have tested many face masks, make up and beauty products and need to update fashion trends just in time for spring/summer! Looking forward to converting one of our spare rooms into CAFD headquarters – and my goodness it will be a fabulous space! 

So in the meantime here are some facts/quick tips from me and my blog! 

* I always like for my wardrobe items to have occasions to present themselves if not it’s a waste… this is why my ‘something blue’ Manolo’s are still unworn! 

My natural hair color is light brown but my poor hair has been dyed every single color – from blue/black to blonde to red – I love the way it is at the moment dipdye

I’ve always wanted to be able to pull off wearing a red dress 

I can’t wear crop tops – I wish I could get away with this trend 

Some products I love – Iconic London Strobe Stick, It Cosmetics under eye concealer, any type of facemasks im obsessed!! 

My secret beauty weapon is you need to feel confident in your skin and happy with yourself. It radientes out 

One last tip – rince your hair with whole milk, leave it for 20-30 minutes and you will be left with gorgeous, silky shinny hair 


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