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Choos And Fashion Doos Product of the week goes to…
An easy-to-use weightless solution that provides up to one week of more shiny, vibrant, manageable hair overnight. Night Cap is the ultimate beauty sleep for your hair which delivers:
shiny hair for days 

leaves color looking more vibrant

more manageable hair

overnight results that last (up to 5 shampoos)
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Night Cap is ideal for all hair types. 
I bought this a month ago at @sephora for $28 and I’ve used it every weekend usually a Sunday night and once during the week. I put some on my hair before coming to the gym this afternoon and will leave it on until tomorrow. 
I swore by Moroccan oil but it left a lot of residue on my hair – this is so light weight that it gives the best results for my hair. 
Definitely recommend if you are looking for a product for pampering hair 

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