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So I’ve decided to break up with alcohol 

I love the way alcohol makes me feel limber and loose and warm and chatty, and I love how it marks the transition from day to evening. But sometimes (more often than not), after that first glass relaxes me, I want to stay that way. So I end up having a second glass or even a third. I’m especially likely to overindulge when spending time with friends because I don’t want the night – or the good times – to end…. however the older I’ve got the more my body just cannot tolerate any alcohol. 
When I was 17 I could drink ALL evening, Smirnoff Ice, shots, vodka, wine… I would wake up a little hazy and continue on. 
Last night I indulged in 4 glasses of wine. The most I’ve had since the start of the year. 
I woke up this morning feeling like utter shite, my skin looked horrific, I couldn’t stop being sick, I had the worst migraine and all I wanted to do was keep my head face down in a pillow, in a dark cold room…. what a waste of a morning.  
Maybe just over a year ago I decided to fully cut back on drinking as I just couldn’t face the hangovers. Sure it was the typical reaction ‘are you pregnant’, ‘why aren’t you drinking thought we were going for a night out’, ‘come on have a shot’, or ‘just have one’ 
I realized a few nights of not drinking, I felt more refreshed, my skin was MUCH better. 
After waking up and regretting drinking I decided to do a pro and con.. 
Reasons for drinking alcohol:

● It’s fun and relaxing.

● It helps me deal with stress 

● It seems daunting and scary to give it up, especially in social situations – like I don’t want to be that boring person 
Reasons for NOT drinking alcohol:

● Better sleep

● More energy

● Less stress in the long term 

● Getting get rid of that belly roll (maybe) … (ok trying….) 

● Who needs drink to have fun

● Saving money – I mean sodas are much cheaper and no need for Uber’s 

● No more hangovers.

● Generally a good move for my body and mind – HEALTHY Mind
So that’s it – I’m sure on the rare occasion I will enjoy one glass but it’s just not worth it! 


2 responses to “Alcohol it’s over ”

  1. herbwormwood Avatar

    Another good reason… did you ever feel when drunk that you knew you were doing or saying something that you would be very embarrassed about were you not drunk? Its nit easy to be the only one nit drinking, but its worth it.

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  2. teetotallady Avatar

    Well done , good for you 🙂 I am in the exact same situation as you , your story resonates with me so much, my body just cannot tolerate it any more & I don’t want to waste any more precious time, please follow my journey on my blog teetotallady x

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