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Saturday used to be that one day of the week that I looked forward to the most, mainly because that’s when I’d have a nice, relaxing, at home pamper session. I’d turn off my phone, draw a nice bath, and forget about the world for a few hours.

As it so often does, daily life got in the way of those little Saturday afternoon rituals. There are deadlines to be met, house to be cleaned, errands to be run, tasks to be completed, pets, husband, friends… so with my husband going away hunting I decided to take advantage of my free time! (Plus I was having brunch and a facial with my friend so why not continue the pampering) 
After a fabulous brunch at B&B Butchers we headed to Skin Day Spa in the heights for a fabulous Oxygen facial (half price right now!!) oh my goodness we both came out with the most radiant skin! 

When I got home (after stopping off at CVS for milk ((for my tetley tea!)) and Ben & Jerrys cause why not?!) I ran the bath and soaked in it (long enough to finish the last season of Scandal …. seriously Olivia WTF). Once a week I use Living Proof overnight conditioner – smells delicious and helps give my hair some TLC. 
Love the smell of lavender, so I dug out some lavender body oil – nothing relaxes me more! 
I feel soooooo good right now – especially after waking up feeling rough (check out previous post!) I recommend taking a couple of hours out in your week for some relaxing pampering! 


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