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Living in the UK, I can’t express how disappointed I was every time there was a pairing with a high-street clothing store and a designer house collaboration… a couple come to mind, Balmaine/Versace/Jimmy Choo and Alexander Wang for H&M, and before I even wake up in the morning everything is sold out and selling on eBay for four times the amount. 

These collaborations are meant to bring your favourite designers at more affordable prices that the average person, aka you and I can buy and enjoy!


My delight, living in America and finding out in October (yes I’ve been counting down the days since October!) last year Victoria Beckham had joined forces with Target! This collection was released last Sunday and items flew off the shelves and some pieces sold out online and in stores within hours.


Affordable pieces starting from $6 to $70 with most pieces under $40 — in stark contrast to the four-figure dresses and three-figure tank tops from her ready-to-wear collection.


I managed to get my hands on three dresses and a top – so I was extremely happy when I came into work today and they had arrived!!! Owning something Victoria Beckham designed and having it hanging up in my closet is a dream!


I’ve written about this collection a couple of times now.. it’s not too late to purchase an item! My friend just picked up the hottest burnt orange romper – she looked fabulous!


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