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When I think of holidays I think of flying somewhere beautiful with my friends or partner, exploring a new place, new adventures or going back to Scotland to visit our family and friends. Well readers, this will be the first 4 days I’m taking off just to stay in Houston. I think back when I worked in the Merchant Navy and I used to get bored instantly during my time off that I got a part-time job in the bar under my apartment! I love to keep busy, like ALL THE TIME! It’s like a nervous tick, I need to keep going a hundred miles an hour. But not this week… 

… to be fair I haven’t been entirely honest, the other reason I’m taking time off is because my dad and his partner are here exploring our home city (First time either of them have been over) but also just to have a break!


You know you need time off when…

 – You say to yourself ‘I will do that once I’m back’

– You simply cannot concentrate

– Mind keeps on wandering off or daydreaming

– You are tired!!!! This is number one – you can’t burn out (Think how Russell Westbrook is feeling going into the playoffs!)


So here I am, cup of tea in hand and new orange polish, face mask, this months cosmopolitan – looking forward to having a day to myself (picking up Dad tonight) so already I did ‘barbell class’ at the gym this morning, lunch with my two girlfriends and more business brainstorming for Choos And Fashion Doos. 


I appreciate in America it’s very much ‘live to work’ opposed to ‘work to live’ but it’s crucial you enjoy life, enjoy work, and make time for yourself, what you love and the people around you J!


I’m looking forward to the week ahead and feeling refreshed, ready to take on the big bad world of Oil and Gas next Monday ;)!  


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  1. mermaidsjuju Avatar

    That looks lovely!! Taking time for yourself is something us girls don’t do enough of!

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