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Y’all know how much I love facemasks and how much I enjoy trying new ones every week. Don’t get me wrong, If I had all the money in the world and time I would make it a priority to go and get a bi-weekly facial – however I don’t so at home pampering will just have to do!


Yesterday I felt very much under the weather (as I mentioned in like 3 of my posts because I feel more dramatic when my hubby isn’t here and I don’t feel well!) which results in my skin looking dull, drained, reddish – basically super unattractive! So I needed a skin-pick-me-up!


I was given OleHenriksen truth sugar glow polish – it deeply cleanses, smooth’s and brightens your skin. I layered it on my face and left it on for like an hour (I know it usually says 15-20 minutes but I was busy doing my nails!)  oh my goodness, after taking it off with a hot cloth my skin looked AMAZING.. and you know what I didn’t appreciate the results until I woke up in the morning, my skin felt SUPER smooth to touch and NO blemishes… none at all! I loved this so much I decided to go make-up free to work because hey what do I need to cover up?! I did put on some mascara though… can’t scare people on a Friday morning!


At the same time, I put on Josie Maran whipped argan oil hair mask, honeysuckle vanilla, just at the tips of my hair and I left this in overnight. I really try to leave my hair at the weekends, and also as much as I can during the week as I’m conscious at all the dying will be killing it L (I know it’s already deadcells but I don’t want it breaking or looking bad) so I woke up, showered it off like normal and pulled my hair into plait. It feels very soft, and looks much healthier. You know, I feel us girls very much have the routine down with facemasks but our hair is often forgotten…! Maybe I need to start doing this weekly!


What facemask are you using at the moment? Or have you tried any that you loved? I want to know!!!


Below picture, on the right is before – my skin looks dull and sad 😦 then on the left it’s a lot brighter, and I appreciate it may look a little shiny but it’s much more radiant looking.



*** Wait… no lie I need to add this in as this is a very typical ‘francene moment’ so I just went online to find links so you lovely readers can go straight to the source if you want to purchase and I realised that the whipped argan oil is NO A HAIR MASK… but body butter!!! OMG!!! Anyways, it worked amazingly as a hair mask…!!! ***


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