a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

For anyone who knows me well will be shocked I’m still awake on a Thursday evening at midnight!! Hubby is away, I wasn’t feeling amazing all morning (hate being female :(((( ) and to cheer me up my friend came over for a beauty night – just been too much excitement! 

But the real reason I’m up late is because I’m checking out my new website layout. It looks AMAZING! I’m too impressed with it so far and it’s new slick look! Feel after 5 years it was the least I could do …! 

So new house = blog space and new blog = exciting new chapter!!! 

But what I would like to know is your thoughts to the make over and what sort of content you would be looking to read?!? Currently I have split it into fashion, beauty, work and lifestyle. 

Very much looking forward to your comments! If you haven’t already signed up to my site please do! 

Much love xxx


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