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So I did a CPR training class this morning. I have done a couple of these classes in the past when I was working offshore and it seems to me the rules about CPR change all the time, but currently it’s 30 pushes on chest and 2 deep breathes. 

During this training I actually picked up a couple of points which I found interesting and thought I would pass on some facts…!! These may be random but might help!


– If you need to give CPR and use an AED machine this machine, despite what you see in films actually flat lines your heart – therefore you need to complete CPR straight after to restart the heart after it’s reset


– Power drinks like 5 hour energy shots, monster and red bull (I can’t state Lucozade cause I love it too much and it’s my treat in the UK) is so incredibly bad for you a lot of platforms have actually banned them. They raise your blood pressure to such an extent it puts strain on your body – it only has negative affects opposed to positive. The more you drink, the more your body builds a tolerance to which makes you crave and talk more which puts more strain on your heart. Basically, stay clear!



– Lavender Oil and Coconut Oil is a much better healer for sunburn or burns opposed to aloe Vera


– If you are doing CPR properly you should break the ribs of the patient – so expect this to happen and don’t be surprised or frightened


– If you suffer from Migraines like me (they are the worst and I feel I’ve had one lingering with me for the past week!) there is no quick pain killer. It never seems to work quick enough for me! It’s well known that placing the tablet under your tongue is the fastest route of administration. You can crush any pill that’s crushable into a powder and put it under your tongue for faster absorption. Be careful, it usually tastes horrific OR you can take children’s medicine which is usually placed under the tongue anyways which will work faster! Who’d have thought…. Bring on the next headache!


– Now I’m not a parent, so this next fact might be wrong HOWEVER, today I was informed if you are flying with your child this is the golden ticket, give them a Benadryl to calm for the flight and ibuprofen for ear ache – works like a charm – anyone tried this before?


Ah, now if anything happens you should feel safe around me cause I’m a trained CPR-person? (do they have an official name?!) and I still remember all my first aid and fire fighting tactics.. so you are in safe hands!!



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