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Y’all seen or heard about the new craze ‘happy feet’?! If you haven’t, please listen up!

My friend told me about this product like 10 times, and obviously she knows how curious I am that I’m sure she wanted me to try it first to see if it was legit! Well here is my review …!!

So firstly, I didn’t end up buying the actual ‘happy feet’ I bought Boscia Soft Foot Peel which was $5 less, so instead of paying $25 I paid $20 – I mean I’m always looking for bargains and when something says it does the same thing it would be rude not to try, plus this is what Sephora stocks.

What is this crave and what’s in it?! Its a natural exfoliating foot peel treatment, formulated with alpha hydroxy acids and fruit extracts, to reveal softer, smoother feet in as little as five days!

Now heads up, this is not a glamorous treatment, it’s pretty damn gross however VERY beneficial for your feet. With summer coming up I needed my feet to look pretty without paying out for a pedicure (It all adds up!)

Once you take it out the packaging, it’s like little gloves for your feet filled with product! Make sure you have 1 hour to 1.5 hours where you don’t need to move your feet or stand up. My hubby was working away so I went to bed at 8pm, with a face mask and foot mask! It’s pretty simply, put your feet in the gloves and wait 1.5 hours, then wash off the product.

For some crazy reason I thought all the skin would fall off there and then… but no there was literally no difference. I was a little disappointed. Day 2, no change, day 3 and 4 came and went without even a tiny piece of skin flaking off, until day 5… ooft! It is super gross, you basically shed a layer of skin on your feet, but it doesn’t just come off in one but little bits! It helped when you went for a shower to rub your feet then exfoliate after.

I have to admit, my skin look great! They are much softer, the souls of my feet look like they have just had a pedicure, but no effort! This is something I would continue to do one a year and highly recommend! Here are some gross pictures of my journey!…

Day 1 – Nada!

day 1

Day 4 – Uh oh…

day 4

Day 5 – it’s all coming aff!!

day 5

Present Day – Look how beautiful my feet are!!

present day

Let me know if you have tried this product, I’m interested in your views!



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