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Not sure how qualified I am to be giving out fashion tips on Beach Wear and How to look stylish as I’m currently sitting in Toronto Airport wearing yoga pants (obviously I won’t be doing any yoga on the plane!) a khaki tank and a pajama sweater from Abercrombie saying ‘hello winter’ – I feel this sweater would have been more relevant traveling TO Canada opposed to Texas, the hottest place on earth! 

However, I will give it a bash! 

For Memorial Day we are heading to the beach for the weekend with our besties – I literally cannot wait to relax, get out the city (I know I JUST went to Newfoundland!) and spend time with our friends – cause this is what life’s all about, right…

… WRONG readers! Come on it’s about being stylish too and having fun with our fashion. Haven’t you learnt anything from my posts?! 

When traveling you need to ensure you pack all your essentials, such as tooth paste, pajamas (it’s cause I’m wearing a pajama top!) make-up (or not for me as it’s is a weekend break!) and clothes to wear… to help I have put together a Choos And Fashion Doos list of things you NEED     For a beach trip! (hope my husband is reading this and feels the need to spoil me!) 

Sun Hat 


I’m sure many guys will roll their eyes cause they hate hats, but us ladies LOVE them! Not only do they hide my burned skin and terrible unwashed holiday hair but it makes us look fabulous! 

I bought a straw hat recently from Charming Charlie’s – they have a great selection and very good prices! 

Fabulous Foot Wear 

It seems flats are very much IN this summer – I have no complaints it gives my poor feet a break! Mules, slingbacks and Wedges are paving the way to summer 2017 – so don’t miss the boat! 

I love all flats from Zara – and also top right picture are mules from TopShop which I will be buying in gold once this article is posted! 


Now, we are in the day and age when wearing your one piece doesn’t constitute an outfit – like girl please add on some bracelets (Kate Spade/Michael Kors to name two and in gold, amazing against sun kissed skin), sunglasses are a must! I’m a Prada girl through and through but I love different styles. Cat Eye is very now and look amazing! Findlay & Co have great personalized options and if you are on a budget then get yourself down to ShoeBar Mobile in Houston! 

Don’t forget about beauty while at the beach – lipgloss (like Jouer Skinny Dip) and waterproof mascara is all we need! Oh wait and coconut salt spray to keep my hair behaving! 

And you need attire for your butt while on the beach like these F A B U L O U S beach towels

Wicker Bags (THE item for Summer 2017!) 

I can’t lie, I’m not a huge fan of Wicker Bags but from what I’m reading they are the shit! I’m more of a Kate Spade clutch gal BUT I appreciate they are cute!

Cutest Outfits 

The top left picture of the swimsuit – it’s ribbed from MissGuided, I know because it arrived last week and it’s a gorgeous pale blue! I always wear either romper or shorts and a cute top to the beach – h&m and Zara are my go to BUT I did venture out recently and picked up a khaki pair of shorts from Abercrombie. 

I’m counting down the days to our fun trip away and also desperately counting my calorie intake… urgh summer came to quick I didn’t have time to sort my beach body, maybe next year!! 

Hope you now feel a little more prepared for ‘Beach Wear and how you can look stylish’ 



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