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Top uses for Vaseline…!

So many great uses for such a simple product – good old Vaseline (or in my case CVS cheap Vaseline … it’s basically the same!)

But seriously, how do more people not rave about this product?!?

Last weekend after working in the garden I relaxed with a pizza (if it’s small it’s healthy right?!) wait wait wait, it sounds like I had the pizza all to myself, when in fact I shared a small pizza with my hubby! – face mask, black head three stage nose kit (some serious shit there!) nails and I lathered my feet in Vaseline and popped on some socks – I woke up took the socks off and my feet were S U P E R soft! Best feeling!! Our feet need some TLC (especially after OTC!)

What Vaseline can be used for;

 Tattoo healing – keep them moist

 Provides a great car Battery connection – so my hubby told me!

 Lip care – can also mix with brown sugar for a lip scrub

 Skin moisturizer

 Great for taming any flyaway hairs or crazy eyebrows

  If you don’t have mascara to hand use Vaseline!

 Girls in beauty pageants put on their teeth to create more shine (my hubby just told me this … how does he know that?!)

 Dying your drows, lashes or hair this ensures the dye stays where you want it to and you aren’t left with stains!

 Baby Diaper Rash

 Burn/cut healing

 Polishes/cleans leather

 Removes gum from hair


What else do YOU use Vaseline for?

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