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I’m starting to see a pattern with my posts recently literally all been business trip related – so unless anyone has missed it my life this past month has been living out a suitcase (and not a glamorous one at that! I’m aiming for a travel case from Away Travel – it’s on my wish list and an ivory color!) 
Now I’m not exactly a social bean especially when I’m working – I’m too focused to ‘enjoy myself’ so I decided this needs to stop and here are a list of ways you can relax, unwind and enjoy your trips without feeling guilty or stressing!! 

Stay the weekend

If your work takes you on an overseas business trip, then make the most of it and actually spend some time exploring your destination. I literally got crazy flights early and late out – so when people asked me what the place was like I couldn’t answer except tell them about the hotel room!!!
This is also a cost effective way to save company money – It’s a little known fact, but many airlines deliberately price flights cheaper for passengers who stay on a Saturday night. 

The next time I go to Guyana I’m going to book a trip to their famous waterfall!

Or book a weekend away at the end of the trip for when you are home. Traveling is hard when you are away from your family, so any excuse for a family weekend somewhere close! 

Complete your check list prior to leaving 

There’s nothing worse than being away from the office with essential tasks still hanging over you. So always try and blitz your to-do-list before embarking on your next business trip. 

I’m a true believer in karma – I ensure our house is clean and organized and my work place is organized and my check list is done! It’s less work to come back to!

Pack your sneakers! 

Bring your exercise kit with you on your next business trip: Whether it’s an early morning run through an unknown city, or going for an after work walk exercise is the perfect way to unwind. It’s also much easier to find the time to exercise whilst away from your normal daily routine. 

Enjoy the downtime from work email and calls

Business travellers should learn to embrace the lack of signal to relax and unwind. Where else will you have a legitimate excuse to disconnect from their email, voicemail and phone calls? Smart business travellers make the most of this time and enjoy the peace and quiet. This is where I think of all my article and content ideas! 


Travelling presents plenty of opportunities for reading and this can be the ideal way to recharge your batteries. It doesn’t matter whether you’re escaping in to the glamorous world of celebrity gossip with the latest copy of Heat magazine, or imagining life in 16th Century England through the latest Hilary Mantel novel. As long as it’s not work-related, just pick up something you find interesting and read – I love the passion I feel when I am engrossed in a great book! Currently I’m reading ‘into the water’ 

Make the most of the airport Spa 

 So many people say to me ‘how have you got so much time to do nails, face mask etc’ well firstly I love blogging, secondly I make time! On a flight is the BEST time for pampering!!! Use this time wisely – and who cares how you look with a facemask sheet!! 


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