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Last weekend after returning home from trip my closet room looked like a bomb site – clothes everywhere! So due to it being a mess I decided to make it more unorganized then enjoy the clean up process after (yup I’m very much Monica from friends with OCD!) 
Here are a couple of options I pulled together for the summer months! Also, very much bargain based items!! 


💋In The Style Sarah Ashcroft Ribbed Khaki leggings (I feel these are very Essex but I love them!!) 

💋Rock&Candy black sandals (cheaper version of Birkenstocks!) 

💋Lay-Z tank from Nordstrom Rack 

💋Asos chokers 

💋Shoebar Sunglasses 

Girls Night 

So I have a girls night coming up in July (Crazy the older we get the more we have to schedule in girlie drinks a month in advance! We are all too busy!) 
💋I LOVE this In The Style Romper – only thing is what to wear underneath?! A bralette.. or just a bra?? Or a tank top?! 
💋Gold Sandals from Shoebar 
💋Gold necklace from Francesca’s 

Day Trippin’ Outfit 

💋Zara beige dress 
💋Michael Kors statement tee 
💋Shoebar sunglasses 


💋Banana Republic Dress – ok I saw this dress in the store and it was one of those moments where I couldn’t walk out the shop without it! So much so I got my friend to buy it and gave her cash so I could pretend to my hubby I have had it for a while – it’s just too pretty!! 
💋Zara Flats – mustard 

Date Night 
💋Zara skinny jeans (love this fit) 

💋Nordstrom top (ADORABLE) 

💋Rock&Candy sandals 

💋Topshop statement necklace 

💋Calvin Klein bag 


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