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Y’all I’m gonna be real with you for a minute. Obviously I don’t usually shy away from personal posts (I am a blogger and feel like I put my life out there for the world to see and analyse!) but I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what I’m doing to get healthier. To feel more ‘me’. To feel better about myself.

How can someone feel more ‘me’? Firstly, since moving to America I have been a victim of the Texas 20’ (when anyone moving to Texas you automatically put on 20lbs WHY because the food and cocktails are too good y’all) so in December I decided to do something about it, I got back to the gym, did a couple of PT sessions to kick start my fitness plan and I started Alpha classes at Lifetime Gym (sooo good but soooo expensive PLEASE MAKE THIS CHEAPER!) now I was feeling ‘fitter’ but still not feeling good, literally no change to my size, clothes size, or just feeling better… so I cut out alcohol (okay I just stopped drinking as much.. ie once every two weeks a couple of glasses) and guess what? STILL no change…! Not only that but my headaches were getting worse and more frequent (I want to blame this on starting my new role in November and how much more challenging it’s been… but I can’t it brings me too much happiness!!) PLUS on top of all this I’m CONSTANTLY bloated… like some days I wake up questioning if I’m pregnant (I’m not cause it’s been over 9 months…!!) EVERYDAY bloated… even before I eat anything! I’m constantly craving a cold glass of coke (On a Friday THIS IS WHAT I WANT!) not a glass of wine, but a glass of coke to make my sugar cravings happy!

I did a post last week on my blog page and someone wrote if you are bloated maybe it’s an intolerance to certain foods, but it’s not! Like I sometimes think how can I be healthy, work out AND eat well (ie I try to avoid carbs, I eat a lot of fish, salads, protein – I have a protein shake once week as I’m not trying to bulk but I need to help repair my body after working out) BUT still feel gross… is this what it’s going to be like FOREVER?

Hell No! So it’s been a week since I embarked on my new ‘wanna-feel-like-me-again’ journey. I’ve done SOOO much research, I’ve taken multiple vitamins to help combat all of the above and NOTHING has worked.


So the Plexus Triplex, which is this little pink drink and the probiotic and Biocleanse that I’ll be adding in next month, is going to help me! It’s going to help me become the better, healthier person I want to be. That I’m striving to be.

And what is the Triplex? What are the benefits? Why have I started this journey?

🌿Naturally balance my blood sugars (no more sugar cravings!) cholesterol and lipid levels

🌿Provide my body with a prebiotic and the BEST of the BEST probiotic to maximise gut health (seriously just Google gut health and I swear all my symptoms are connected to this!)

🌿A special enzyme only found in our probiotic will break down toxins and any candida/yeast overgrowth living in my body (bring on the detox!!)

🌿Replace bad bacteria with essential good bacteria

🌿Oxygenate my body and regulate my digestion

🌿Provide additional benefits of these nutrients and materials: beet root extract, stevia, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C, Vitamin B 12, garcinia cambogia

🌿Rid my body of symptoms of poor gut health – acid reflux (luckily I’ve never had this…) anxious or sad feelings (think we have all had these right?!) poor immune heath (every wonder why you are constantly getting sick?!) poor sleep (oh my goodness yes!!! waking up more tired than the night before!) bloating (okay yes yes yes!!) inability to lose weight (sadly yes, very much the case, that stubborn weight around my tummy) skin problems, this list could go on and on…

Crazy these 7 points (and many more) can be helped by just 3 products! I’ve taken the first step to a healthier me, and I’m very much looking forward to the results and feeling myself again. I will be that person to post about my journey, because if it helps me I will be SHOUTING FROM THE ROOF TOPS Y’ALL!


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