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It’s safe to say we’ve spent our teen and adult lives on a quest for the secrets to silky, shiny hair. Literally this is my mission everyday, and most days I’m left disappointed with how limp, broken, and dull my hair looks! I’ve tried leaving it uncut for months, to getting it cut every 8-12 weeks, to putting on deep conditioning masks to putting nothing on it and I swear NOTHING WORKED!

Recently, I’ve changed my lifestyle – trying to make conscious healthier decisions when it comes to my fitness, diet and vitamins. So much so I’ve just started my PLEXUS journey (which so far I’m LOVING!) Maybe this has something to do with how much healthier my hair feels and looks!


But I also have a hump day beauty tip if you are looking for a home remedy to help repair your hair.

Honey and olive oil give hair shine

Honey is not just for tea and olive oil is not just for salad. The kitchen staples are well known for their softening properties, I suggest you sprinkle a mix of the two on your strands to make them healthier. Follow a simple heated recipe for the ultimate deep conditioner.

This is literally the healthiest my hair has looked in YEARS!


BEFORE (May 2016… best picture I could find of my rat tails!)

hair 2

AFTER (Today)



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