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Grace & Stella Co Foot Mask Review 

“Use this and you will be showing your feet off” 

Just in time for my girls weekend last week I tried out Grace & Stella Co foot mask. Trust me my poor feet needed a little pick me up! 
So I got comfortable at home, on a Friday night with my Aloe Gloe grape juice (I know hardcore!!) nose strip and my feet wrapped in the foot mask! 

Get comfortable! Leave your feet in the mask for up to an hour – then take your feet out and wash them. I also used Grace & Stella CO’s lavender body lotion on my feet to continue on the pampering session at home! 💁🏽

You start seeing a difference after 3 days, how? Your feet start to peel 😲 don’t be alarmed! This is normal! On the 5th day I used an exfoliator on them and once I washed it out my feet looked S U M M E R R E A D Y!!! 

Highly recommend this girls, and guys! Such a good product Grace & Stella Co.

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