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Medi Skirts Back On Trend 

Today it’s all about the midi skirt. It’s not exactly a new trend but nonetheless a key piece every girl should have in her closet. I think the midi skirt epitomises class and elegance and it’s actually extremely versatile. The styling opportunities are endless…
The midi skirt will be the most popular style of Fall, and for more reason than one. It can seamlessly take you from the office to happy hour; the work-appropriate length still feels playful enough to wear for evening events. It will also be a warmer choice compared to a miniskirt. Luckily, they’re coming in all sorts of styles and patterns this year. Whether you want a thick plaid option or a silky, flowy look, there’s something out there that will fulfill your needs.
…. and because a Metallic skirt is always a great idea! Flash back to our chilly trip to Boston – I need to prepare this skirt for Fall! 

Missy Empire have beautiful Metallic medium length plaited skirts. If you are looking for one I recommend looking on their site, they also have a range of colors for every individual 

Check out the other pictures for examples 💁🏽

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