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Whether you are a stay at home mommy, work from home, work in an office, or work offshore it’s important to not feel overwhelmed, emotional or stressed during your ‘working day’. It is natural to sometimes sprint out the door on a Friday afternoon yelling ‘yeeehaaa’ because your work day is over, or when you text your girlfriends saying ‘I REALLY need a cocktail tonight!’ but when every morning seems like a chore dragging yourself outta bed for work you know things have to change!
Soooo.. how you can distress throughout your day?! These are a couple of things I do to help!

1) I don’t know about you but if I’m eating a meal, I always eat the parts that are my least favourite on the plate which saves the best piece for last. This is the same in work, get all the items which you are dreading doing done straight away, then you can enjoy the good bits! It also means you don’t procrastinate until the very last minute

2) Exercise for a healthy mind! Yesterday I dragged myself to the gym with my hubby, and if I’m being honest I blogged for 45 minutes (while walking on the treadmill!) then I ran for 10 minutes and did core work for 15minutes… it wasn’t exactly a ‘hardcore workout’ BUT I went and it made me feel better. Even if it’s just a walk around your neighbourhood after work, or yoga or cycle. Go do some exercise!

3) When I need a break from work, while at work (doesn’t that even make sense?!) I have a group text with my besties from back home which keeps me entertained, or I will reach out to one of my girlfriends to make plans for week ahead. Something to look forward to!

4) COMMUNICATION! I often take the time to walk round to speak with my colleagues, grab a coffee breaking up the morning/afternoon. Plus it’s a good chance for facetime with certain members of your team and to find out how they/company are getting on.

5) Sometimes if I’m feeling totally swapped and I know I’m going to erupt with emotion, I will take a time out, breathe, then come back to my desk and write down an ‘action list’ which I will work through. It might be chaos but at least it’s organised chaos!

6) Make over your work space – seriously I have the worst OCD and everything needs to be in perfect ordere! This morning to get my mind focused I rearranged my desk and notes on my wall to ensure I was keeping on top of everything

I hope this helps. I know somedays it feels like you are getting nothing done, or you aren’t moving forward, or you think ‘oh my goodness how can I solve this problem’ but as long as you think about situations/challenges calming you will get through it ! 


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