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Oh my goodness I cannot believe it’s nearly the end of 2017! Where has this year gone?! Now I like to get organised BEFORE the 1st of January come along, and I’m counting down the days as I FINALLY have taken vacation from work so I have TWO full weeks off in December! Now one of these days will be dedicated to ‘winter cleaning’ our house and getting organised for the year ahead! This may not seem like a fun thing to do especially taking time off work for, but I promise you the feeling afterwards is priceless!


So one of my ‘winter cleaning’ processes is to purge our home of all unnecessary items! You can toss, donate, put in storage, sell or bin the following – you will sleep much easy afterwards I PROMISE!


  • Old magazines – now don’t get me wrong I have multiple ‘older’ magazines I’ve kept like Vogue and In Style because I use it as decoration but Cosmo etc they can be tucked let’s be honest!


  • Expired medicine – this is too important, as I feel we just reach for the medicine after it’s been sitting for months… dare I say years without looking at the expiry date!


  • Old makeup – all make-up has a shelf life, we just have to be honest with ourselves! If you refuse to purge your make-up kit PLEASE at least throw out old mascara!


  • Clothes you haven’t worn in the past year – I was ruthless a couple of months ago, especially after finding out I was expecting, certain clothes I won’t ever wear again! But I will be going through my wardrobe at the end of the year and putting a ‘giveaway’ pile together!


  • Dead electronic devices – Old adapters from UK, old chargers for phones I don’t even have! Old cables I don’t even know what they matched up too… sounding familiar?!


  • Stretched-out hair ties – they don’t have purpose anymore! Buy some new ones!


  • Socks or underwear with holes – no one likes holey pants!!


  • Items in your pantry that have gone bad – much needed to create more space and know exactly what you have before using and realizing it was out of date!


  • Books you don’t want – give to your friends! Don’t have so much unwanted clutter


  • Old bills and receipts that you no longer need – We have drawers full of these… sure a lot of my readers do to!


  • Unwanted gifts with no sentimental value


  • Manuals that don’t belong to a device – I mean we have some from the UK… we live in America! Perfect example


  • Shoes that clearly need to be thrown away – UNLESS they can be repaired (I’m talking worth repairing #jimmychoo) but target etc just chuck!


  • Old t-shirts – Sort through your partners too! It’s time to hit H&M for some deals!


  • Ratty towels – or can these now be used as pet towels?


  • Birthday cards with no sentimental value


  • Outdated takeout menus


  • Expired coupons


  • Old cleaning supplies


  • CDs, DVDs, or any other items your devices no longer support


  • Scraps of wrapping paper


  • Accessories that you never wear or have witnessed better days!


Make sure you take a day aside, before the end of the year, and get winter cleaning J!


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