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So since I was around 10 weeks pregnant I have been living in leggings! Mainly because my bump popped out and it’s super uncomfortable to cram myself into trousers… I’ve been living in dresses, skirts and leggings! My only wish is I could wear leggings to work!

Leggings are here to stay throughout the winter season – YAY! Heard it here first ladies!  You can absolutely wear leggings to all your holiday dinners with friends and family. With cool styles like leather and suede, leggings aren’t solely reserved for the gym anymore. In fact, we have the athleisure trend to thank for bringing these comfy bottoms back to all areas of our lives, even at work…. I guess when it comes to work leggings it really depends on how you style them.. I definitely don’t think I could pull these off!  

They are warmer than tights, are less constricting than jeans, and can be styled just like any pair of pants. Because of their versatility, stars like Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid are constantly rocking their leggings, making them look stylish enough for the streets, especially her new Tommy Hilfiger collection: I mean not many of us could pull off this look!



Leggings are the foundation to any wardrobe – because they can be styled in so many different ways!



I recently copied my friend and bought the exact same pair of black leggings from Zara with a leather side stripe – PERFECT for fall, and perfect for being pregnant and finding the balance between comfort and looking like I’ve at least tried to make an effort/naturally chic!

Here are some more legging options I found on the web!


So happy fall legging shopping – trust me you won’t regret it! x


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