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Have I mentioned already I’m off now until the 2nd of January?! I feel as though I’ve not rubbed this in enough to the world! It’s been such a long fricking year and it’s nice to have a little break – especially before our Christmas Vacation to New York City next week!

This morning I popped over to our local Babies’R’Us… I’m not going to lie it’s overwhelming just walking around, without a clue of what to look at first! Historically my relationship with Babies’R’Us consisted of rushing around trying to find a last minute baby shower gift, usually looking for Sophie the Giraffe, my go to present! But today, my head was going to explode with emotions, as it made it very clear I don’t have a clue!

Most expectant couples have their families close by who are relishing this amazing time, but this is very different as we are thousands of miles away from our ‘home’, well our families home! I’m not sure if its the time of year, or if it’s my hormones making me so much more emotional. It just makes me sad sometimes not having them close to us, or having as much contact as we would like.

Anyone else in the same boat who can relate? I have a plan in my head that from January onwards until the baby girl arrives I will make dishes we can freeze so we have dinners for the first couple of months to help us – is this what you did too? If you are living abroad did your families come stay?

My next set of questions… this post isn’t about ME giving YOU baby essentials… cause did I already mention I have no idea?! This post is about YOU giving ME recommendations please, what brands, what products? What was your must haves and your don’t needs?

Looking forward to receiving some assistance.. and then once I’ve got myself together I will be posting my step by step organization for this baby girl arriving end of April…. eeeeek!


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