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I CANNOT believe it’s the 2nd of January 2018 already! It is crazy how much time flies! In February I would have been married for 4 years… In August we would have been living in the states for 4 years also and in April (well might be May) we will meet our baby girl who is currently rolling around in my tummy!

I’m trying to get back into the ‘work zone’ frame of mind, but every single client I’ve reached out to today says ‘out of office until 8th of Jan’ did I miss the memo that no one works the first week of January?! However, maybe it’s a good thing to allow time to get organized for a the work year ahead and all the business trips I will need to cram in over the next couple of months before I’m no longer able to fly, and/or will be too big! I’m also at my desk being very lazy having noodles while ‘working through’ lunch – I say it like that as I’m not working I’m blogging!

So this is a time when we are meant to make resolutions for the year ahead right? I have one… to take an interest in cooking. Now in order to help me succeed I actually started this resolution early, I like to give myself a head start, and so far I’m enjoying using our slow cooker and making meals. I’m trying to add it into my every day routine so it becomes more natural opposed to being a pain in the ass. I have to admit my husband is definitely enjoying the benefits of this resolution, plus it means we are being healthier as a family. I am also looking at a freezer to put in the garage, so I can start making meals to freeze in preparation for this little cub joining us and me being too tired to be a domesticated goddess but hopefully I will have enough food to last us the first couple of months so it’s one less thing to worry about – talk about being organized right?! Hope all you readers are impressed!

I’m sure if you follow me on instagram or facebook you would have seen we spent a beautiful, very cold, Christmas in New York City. This is the third year in a row, and I think our last, and I’m pretty sure my husband also counted that as our babymoon! Because I love fashion, and have a fashion blog, I was asked by all my friends “what did you buy” and you might not believe me but we didn’t step foot into a single shop while in the fashionable city! Despite all the sales, all the temptation we didn’t do it! The older I’ve become the more I’ve learnt to appreciate the wardrobe I have created over the last 10+ years (yes I’ve had heels, items for clothing and bags etc for over 10 years… it pays to look after your things girls!) and instead of wasting money focusing on dressy dresses, or expensive shoes or handbags I am really trying to use the inventory I already have, especially now I’m pregnant. I refuse to waste money on clothes I won’t ever wear again (THANK YOU LE TOTE!!) however, I have purchased a couple of being more every day items which I wanted to post about, and you will notice I’m focusing on more comfort over style in prep for baby arriving and me not leaving our house for 3 months! The other reason  is we just did our baby registry to get a list of all the things we need to buy for this little cub and I couldn’t believe the price, so for sure we are in crazy saving mode!

First are these SUPER cute Aerie Plush Sleep Leggings from American Eagle and ONLY $12 right now! I got mine in Heather Grey but lots of color options.


To go with the sleep leggings, which I’m sure I won’t be doing a lot of! Out From Under Jojo Oversized Thermal Button-Front Top from Urban Outfitters . This top is $44 and I purchased in Grey, just because that seems to be my go to colors (Black, Grey, Khaki and Mustard.. literally I don’t veer from them!)


I won’t disappoint, I did manage to indulge a little this Christmas and FINALLY got my hands on a pair of Manolo’s I have been dying to own since I saw Season 6 Episode ‘girls right to shoes’ 14 years ago… no lie 14 fricking years! Now as I’m a very ‘Gold’ person I decided to purchase in Gold opposed to Silver. I also got them, basically brand new from eBay for only $80! BARGAIN of 2017… just shows when you are patient it will benefit you.


Now it wouldn’t be me without mentioning a face mask update on what I’m loving right now. Recently I was given a Snail Essence Sheet Mask from a friend who was scared to use herself. Has anyone else used products that has Snail Essence in it?! Doesn’t sound too appealing right?!

The Basics: Snail enzyme is a high-efficacy active ingredient comprised of proteins, glycolic acids and elastin commonly found in skin creams and sheet masks.
The Benefits: This trusted slime is derived from the same stuff snails produce to heal cuts on their soft bodies from rocks and other rough surfaces. In beauty products, snail mucin firms and restores skin by replenishing moisture and supporting cell regeneration (which helps fade acne scars, smooth uneven complexions and reduce hyperpigmentation).

It sounds more appealing now I bet! Looking forward to using this one mid-week… as I feel being back at work will be a shock to my system, and what is always last to react? Your skin!


So I guess I should get back to work now – I’m finished my delicious noodles and have planned out dinners for the week… did I mention how amazing I am as a wife?! Only kidding, my husband is reading this rolling his eyes for sure!

If there are certain topics you want to hear from in my blog this year then hit me up and let me know! Xx


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