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Maybe it’s just me who will think this, and I’m happy to blame it on the fact I’m pregnant, my body is changing rapidly, I’ve finally put on 10lbs (all the constant sickness has made it near impossible to put on weight so far) and I refuse to buy new clothing! So I’m a little bit of a fashion humbug right now! But I was researching online for the LATEST 2018 Spring Fashion Trends and honestly I was pretty disappointed. It seems like trends are recycled every couple of years and there isn’t that much difference. The only look which completely jumped out at me was by Alexander Wang, and it was very laid back, khaki and white… I mean my usual color combo right! (see picture below such a cute outfit and very wearable from the runway)


Now, the other thing I always do, not sure if you are the same, but when I see new trends, I mentally go through my wardrobe to see if I have anything similar which I have no doubt disregarded over the past year but it’s ready for a dramatic comeback! I will show you how I would wear each trend, if I have relevant clothing items to use as an example of course!

The following are the defining looks that will shape the racks Spring 2018’. From sweet, short suiting to bold and shimmering fabrics. Let me know your thoughts on these fashion trends…

Who said romance is dead

Jane Austen would be proud of the Spring ’18 lineup that comes with corseted waists, billowy sleeves, and soft, romantic florals. This feminine look was a heroine on the runways – great look for valentine’s day!


Lavender Takeover

Millennial pink’s had its moment, but the Spring ’18 runways are pointing to the next big color takeover — and it’s shades of soft lavender on everything from sequined dresses to oversize knits and sharp suit sets.


Day Glitter

It’s not exactly look-at-me sequins but subtler ways of mixing sparkle into everyday silhouettes that make this Spring ’18 trend so wearable. Look for shimmer on everything from tanks to flowing trousers. I LOVE this trend, anything to bring a little bit of sparkle in everyday outfits is a winner for me! However, I think it will be difficult to execute in office environments, especially my industry – however, challenge accepted!


Jump Flight

The jumpsuit is now a fashion staple, but for Spring ’18, it’s getting a utilitarian twist. The updated silhouette takes its cues from the classic flight suit, though the prints and fabrications might not follow suit. Some are boxy and boyish, others fitted and dotted in florals. I love jumpsuits, but after trying on a couple being pregnant, I don’t believe it’s a pregnancy flattering look!


High Waisters

Waist-cinching high-rises took over the Spring ’18 runways, giving everything a sleeker, more streamlined finish. This silhouette makes legs look miles long. Now, do maternity leggings and jeans count in me participating in this trend?!


Trench LOVE

The trench coat gets a contemporary update with frills, sleeveless silhouettes, and denim iterations for Spring ’18. I was thinking on just adding black belt to my camel color Coach trench coat I currently have, or maybe a studded belt would look very ‘Burberry’


Short Suits

Short suit sets cropped up all over designers’ Spring ’18 runways, giving us a chic way to reinterpret one of Fall’s biggest trends. This trend is super cute, but for work environments you would need to check if the length would be acceptable, wouldn’t want to raise any eyebrows!


Mixing Checks

This Spring print is far more groundbreaking than florals. Designers gave us bold remixed checks to cover everything from sheer dresses to Spring suiting and even overalls.


On the Fringe

If fringe isn’t your thing, perhaps you just haven’t seen the Spring ’18 iterations yet. Some designers introduced the look sparingly on accent pieces — bags and bustiers — while others went all out with technicolor and layers. Suffice to say, there’s something for everyone with this showstopping finish. This is the trend I LOVE the most – who doesn’t like fringe? I have the cutest fringe bag I used for last year from H&M which cost $15! This will be making a much needed come back, I also have Suede Zara fringe skirt which will be making an appearance.



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  1. FashionNotFear Avatar

    Love all of the romantic looks and mixing them with something edgy is usually my “go to” look. It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite from this list!


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