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I’m procrastinating this morning and trying to avoid opening my laptop to work plus I feel super hyper so also trying not to annoy my husband who is also having to work from home !

I’ve been meaning to share the diaper bag I ended up picking out for our cub. I initially had a coach black one picked out which hubs agreed on too (conscious of the fact he will be using it also … I’m not about to buy us separate ones!) and it was around $350.

Then I toyed with other over the shoulder diaper bags but after having to carry around my laptop bag and handbag over my shoulder I wondered is this the most comfortable and practical way of wearing it?!

So then I spotted my besties diaper bag which is vegan friendly (not that I’m a vegan but I’m building a case!) she picked the dusty pink, HEAPS of room, comfortable to wear, fashionable and chic… she also said she tried the over shoulder bag with her first baby and prefers back packs!


So I popped onto SkipHops website and picked the khaki color – again my hubby will be using it! Was trying to be kind to him!! It’s arrived and looks AMAZING!!!

So now my next question.. what do YOU carry in your diaper bag? What are your ESSENTIALS? This is what I asked all my girlfriends and I received the following tips – do you have anything to add?

  • Wipes, Diapers (nappies in our language), change of clothes or 2 for baby, bibs, burp cloths, hand sanitizer, Tylenol, tissues, change of top for Mum (if baby spits up/has reflux like Harvey) also snacks and bottles
  • Spare change of clothes, diapers/wipes/nappy sack, blanket (Aden and anais folds up small), a fav toy and snacks when she’s old enough.
  • Diapers, wipes change of clothes or a few when tiny!! Spare ready made formula if bottle feeding. Spare winding cloths

So basically lots of diapers, wipes and change of clothes for baby and mom!!


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