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Just the word ‘backpack’ may remind you of your teenage years lugging around heavy school books, or those horrible very non fashionable backpacks… I mean I remember at the height of my embarrassing fashion fails was being pictured walking into my Grammar school wearing a HUGE neon green, nylon bag… hideous. However, now they are popping up as a sensible, chic and practicable trend which is here to stay – thank goodness as my diaper bag (as I’ve mentioned before) is from Skiphop and is a khaki backpack (all the bloggers are using it and loving it!)

Reason I’m fixating on ‘Backpacks’ is because Le Tote sent me a little one last month, and honestly this is not my style but I tried it out for a week and LOVED it! Only downside I found this particular bag was too small… so I instantly went out and purchased a backpack hot off the wagon from Zara (under $30!) and I’ve worn it so much! My hubby bought me a little Coach Rose pendant to add to purse and spice it up a little with some colour. I’m in love!

bag 2



So what are the other ‘big trend’s for spring/summer 2018? I don’t want to seem biased to the backpack, which I’m obviously obsessing with AFTER it was a huge trend last couple of years! Well Straw bags are not going anywhere!

Second, belt bags are major. They’ve been cropping up over the past few seasons but for spring, hands-free is the way forward. These are all ones to watch!

bag 3

Thirdly, a HUGE trend, which my husband is going to INSTANTLY roll his eyes and HATE is the ‘fanny pack’ – I wanna say I was already up on this from fall 2017… I bought the very versatile Zara clutch which can be worn in so many different ways, once of which like a fanny pack – so basically you heard it here first!


If you are not still sold on this accessory, here are three good reasons to pick the trend:

  1. It’s not a sporty piece only: the minimal leather or suede styles may tone down a formal look like a suit or an evening dress.
  2. It’s versatile: thanks to the adjustable strap you can wear the fanny pack at the waist, over the shoulder or cross-body style.
  3. Simply, it will keep your hands free all day long.

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