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Currently our freezer is jam packed with food – we have been food prepping just to make it that much easier when the cub decides to arrive! To have one less thing to worry about and be fully focused on ‘family time’ will be priceless!

What type of food have we made? So far we have made Classic Lasagna (lots of it!) chili , beef slow cooker and chicken enchiladas. We have pizzas and frozen meals for those days where we are feeling even more lazy to leave house! I have also stocked up on soups and noddle’s.

Soooo I haven’t forgotten about my pregnancy tips! This is my tip number 3 – do what you can to be prepared tying up loose ends…..

  • Register at hospital
  • Doggies groomed & annual shots – registered at local boarding kennels with friends as plan B!
  • Mani and pedi – nude and short!
  • Food prep completed – just to give us a head start and make it easy on us (and my hubby)
  • Nursery complete along with washing all the cubs clothes and blankets
  • Work handover sent out everything up to date at work so if she decides to arrive early I’m covered (now I still have two weeks left I’ve been putting off sorting through my inbox… guess there is no excuse now!)
  • Petroleum in Car and ensuring it’s kept topped up!
  • Prepared a little ‘after care’ items more for me… think sometimes we forget about ourselves in this process!
  • Hubs bag packed and put in my bag so we are both ready to grab and go!
  • Car seat in and ready

…. this has been my main check list! I can’t think of anything else to do or get! So I guess we are ‘prepared’ for her to arrive any time now!!!


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