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4.4 out of 5 on current reviews and it’s won countless awards. I’m a huge fan of the living proof brand (their shampoo and conditioner combo plus the one I use daily is the sleep in mask … literally swear by it. I put it on my tips every night and I use more all over once a week to deep condition!) naturally I leaned towards their dry shampoo to try!

I typically wash my hair every couple of days… longest I go without washing is 3 days so dry shampoo is a must to keep it smelling and looking fresh! Being in Houston my hair is much less oily and prone to geese however it still has excess oils after a couple of days at the roots especially.

So today I used it on my hair after 3 days of no washing! My hair was flat (despite pictures looking big that’s just my curls!) and was looking a little greasy round the sides (basically parts I play with when my hair is down!) and roots.

I only needed one spray which covered my roots then spray on either side – trust me this product has coverage! I left it to soak in for 10 minutes then rubbed it in, brushed my hair and blow dried the front just to get it back in place.

My hair has life again, no excess oils or looking like I hadn’t washed it! It also smells great! So this product doesn’t just ‘mask’ your hair but cleans it too! I definitely recommend trying it out it works wonders for me!


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