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After meeting with the doctor 2 weeks ago I didn’t think I’d make it to this point, we were convinced she would come early… but nope she is hanging around all nice and snuggled up in my tummy! I think we will need to evict her soon as I’ve finally got to that uncomfortable, I hate pregnancy point! Here is my little update for you…

Weight added so far…

Started off 128lbs – currently I’m 154lbs which is a total of 26lbs

I have now stopped stepping on the scales until I’m at the doctor’s office as it’s going on extremely quickly now! Which means the cub is getting bigger and bigger… along with my butt!

Stretch Marks…

Still none… that I can see! I just ran out of Palmers Cocoa Butter – I’ve been mixing it up with Johnston’s baby oil which I’ve been using in the shower, stretch mark cream toning from Tropic Skincare and Burt’s Bee’s. Basically I think if you keep your bump moisturized you will be fine, I also think its genetics. I did use Hatch’s tummy mask… my honest opinion unless you are going to be using it every week ($30 every time including tax and shipping) I don’t think it makes a difference but was fun to test!


Maternity clothes…

I just cancelled my Le Tote as the cub is due any day I didn’t see the point of paying for another month (always think of the extra pennies for maternity leave!) so I’m rotating a couple of maternity dresses kindly donated by my friends, and now I’m in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy I’m all about leggings !!Safe to say my fashion sense has gone downhill…! Still the same size I was before, Size 4 – however my hips and butt have definitely widened and my boobs are very much there!



So this has been the biggest change for me, this last week I have been waking up around 2/3am and CANNOT get back to sleep. It’s horrible just lying awake as it just makes me think and then worry! I’m much more uncomfortable, it’s hard to move around and get in and out of bed and roll over! I honestly make noises with every moment… my hubs is obviously loving sharing a bed with me!!!

Cub’s movements…

She is still as active as ever, has hiccups at least once a day and then kicks out. She is positioned head down and ‘ready’ she’s just not coming yet! Guess it’ll be on her terms!

Food Cravings…

So my food cravings have switched to yogurts and granola and still Coke! But SUPER cold nearly frozen coke! Again, nothing healthy!



Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is a complication of pregnancy that is characterized by severe nausea and vomiting such that weight loss and dehydration occur. Signs and symptoms may include vomiting several times a day and feeling faint. It is more severe than morning sickness.

^^ so I’ve kept this definition as this is for sure real and it remains throughout! As much as it’s improved 80% I’m still having days where I’m feeling sick or being sick… and honestly positioning yourself with a huge bump to comfortably be sick at work is not easy! Looking forward to not being sick for a while once cub is here!

Preparation of baby cubs room…

Everything is prepared… woohoo! Changing stations X2 in house, her room is finished, clothes and blankets washed and ready, food prep down, car seats in and ready, stroller ready… I think we are 100% organized!


Exercise Routine…

So my mission was to walk 3.3 miles a day (5k) and I can honestly say I’ve not done this every day, but I’ve made a great effort, whether at the gym or walking round neighborhood. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had some days where I just feel horrendous and I’ve made it home from work and just done nothing but for the most part I’ve remained active thank goodness!

At the gym I’ve been doing light work outs like treadmill walking with incline and interval training, cross trainer and some light weights. It makes me feel good to remain active.

Pregnancy top tips so far…

One of my tips is when you are preparing for the babies arrival don’t forget about your own after care, if you are having a c-section or if you are having a natural birth. I have all my pads ready, nipple covers so I don’t leak, witch hazel to spray on my pads, I have nice soft pajamas and robes looked out so I’m more comfortable when home, and food prep to make it easier on ourselves especially the initial couple of weeks.

I feel fortunate in the fact that my mum and hubs mum are making the effort to come out each for 10 days to help us, and honestly I know I will need the help and appreciate the company, plus it’s a special time for all of us so it’s nice to be together.

Take it easy… I know if you know me well you will know I don’t find it easy to ‘take it easy’ but compared to how my life was before I definitely think I’ve calmed down with all my activities and early nights, staying in more and reality shows like Made in Chelsea and TOWIE have helped me relax and chill out more.

Last tip I will add, after thinking the cub was going to come early I did my complete work handover two weeks ago, so one month before her due date, as much as none of my work colleagues have even acknowledged this, I feel better about myself knowing that everything is organized and all my colleagues have the information/contacts and details they need for when I’m out which will stop any distractions away from baby girl while I’m off… lets be honest 12 weeks is nothing so the last thing I want to be doing is working or thinking about work. If you can be as organized as possible from work I think it will help you switch off and chill out more. I have two weeks to go so I’m doing added extras, helping colleagues and sourcing information to help which I wouldn’t have had time to do had I left everything last minute.


So bets on… wonder when the cub will come?! Next doctors appointment is Thursday… eeeek!



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