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When it comes to us mamas-to-be this is very much the time to enjoy pampering sessions, cause lets be honest we are swollen, bigger, our bodies are foreign to us now, our skin is hormonal and we are carrying around a little cub in our pouches! So I’ve been enjoying a lot of ‘me’ time especially this last 5 weeks where I’ve been enjoying quieter weekends, more face masks, at home pampering which has been making me feel AMAZING! I did indulge in a facial and foot massage at the local salon near my house when I was off on furlough – which was awesome! My skin was truly glowing after I very much recommend, as much as I would love to be able to have time and money to afford a facial monthly I make a point of getting one every year just to top up!

Here are a couple of ‘at home’ pampering you can do for you and your bump!

Hatch Mama Belly Mask


I saw this brand advertised online called HATCH Mama Belly Mask which is for minimizing stretch mark sheet mask. 

It has aloe Vera, hydrolyzed marine collagen and propolis. You apply the sheet mask on to belly (it’s sooo cold!!!) and relax for 15 minutes (I left it for 30!) then massage excess serum into belly, hips and boobs for best results! 

To be honest I couldn’t see any difference… however I don’t think that’s the point! I can’t see stretch marks… but I also can’t see my feet so who knows! This was just a nice excuse to relax at home! 

Lush Therapy Massage Bar


The Therapy Massage Bar ($13) is 100 percent organic and made with cocoa butter and shea butter. It is also infused with sweet orange oil, lavender oil, and neroli oil. According to Lush’s website, this bar is meant to improve the “skin’s appearance thanks to its cocoa butter base and the elasticity-building power of neroli essential oil.”

To use it, melt the bar directly onto dry skin and massage the oils and butters in. One reviewer said it is a “must-have for pregnancy!” Another wrote, “I have used this one to two times a day and so far (knock on wood!!!) I have avoided any stretch marks. . . . This has been really wonderful for my pregnant belly. I couldn’t imagine living without it.” With a 4.5 star review, this bar seems like a total must have.

At Home Face Masks

face mask

Sure you all know by now my face mask obsession! I literally do a sheet mask weekly and in-between I will do a moisturizing leave on lotion over night just to keep my skin topped up!

If you are looking for a place to go buy some, and not break the bank, head to Urban Outfitters that always have 4 masks for $10! I have a basket FILLED with face masks, mud masks, sheet masks – basically any type of mask you can dream of and I keep it topped up every time I pop into Urban Outfitters and thanks to Ipsy!

So, make sure you are taking time out during this hectic time for ‘YOU’ time! I have made a point of this, work is always busy as is our personal lives plus adding on the preparation for your baby it’s important you look after yourself!



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