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Baby girl will be 3 weeks old this coming Monday – I’m very much in love/ecstatic but exhausted from lack of sleep and my boobs being over used !!

I’ve been living in my pajamas and milkmaid goods robe and the cute one I picked up from bevello ‘but first mimosas!!’


So… I know this was a trend for fashionable people ** cough cough models!** in like 2017 but is it still on trend?! And can us normal ladies pull it off without looking like I’m wearing my pajamas?! Fashion’s loungewear obsession has evolved – I’ve seen pajama dressing and even duvet coats, but is the robe making a comeback!


A hybrid between a kimono and a dressing gown, the robe was brought out of the bedroom and onto the catwalk at Gucci and Balenciaga for spring/summer 2017. Attico and Galvan have also launched decadent silk and velvety incarnations, while the high street is slowly following suit with embroidered versions at Mango and H&M. But in 2018 we have seen Rita ora wearing a bath robe on the red carpet and Versace put it on their runway!



The trick is in the styling. Consider proportions: pair with a midi-length silk style over cropped, straight-leg jeans and block heels. Alternatively, wear the robe on its own or over cute dress or if you want to stick with the pajama feel sex it up by wearing a slip!

I’m not going to lie I’m super comfortable and feel good so I’m thinking that’s all that matters when it comes to fashion, right?! Especially being 3 weeks post partum!


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