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baby 1.jpgCannot believe we have been parents for 2 whole weeks now! It has gone so quickly, it’s been a blur of emotions, sleepless nights, feeling like a milk bank 24/7, feeling so happy I could cry and feeling so frustrated I have cried! I honestly didn’t know what to expect, and nothing could have prepared ourselves, especially myself for motherhood!

We’ve made it through 14 days – Luna Rose is putting on weight (2 week check up she was 6.5lbs) from her original birth weight of 6.2lbs – so that makes me feel proud especially as I’m soley breastfeeding, which has finally got ‘easier’ – when I say easier I mean it doesn’t feel like razor blades when she latches on anymore – so that’s progress!


We have already been out for dinner, coffee, walks round our neighbor and at the doctors over 6 times (she had jaundice when we first took her home from hospital so thankfully my milk came in and I pumped her up with my amazing juices!). She’s been such a social butterfly with lots of visitors – which has meant the naivety of me thinking previously ‘ when baby sleeps I sleep’ yup that’s 100% not the case! I never thought it was possible for a human to function on a couple of hours of sleep!!

So my hubs is due back to work on Monday and I have a week to myself before our moms, sisters and dad comes out to see us then sadly I’m due straight back to work – which I’m trying not to think about as these two weeks have gone too quickly!

I’ve been hitting up my mummy friends picking their brains about EVERYTHING! I’m like paranoid mum, everytime she spits up, doesn’t sleep, makes a noise… literally I’m texting and googling! (highly do not recommend googling anything as it’s always bad!)

I see other mums functioning beautifully and I just don’t know how they do it with such grace and calmness… I’m running around with unwashed hair, milk spit on my tee shirts and feeling messy!

however, Luna Rose always looks beautiful in adorable little outfits!! Least she looks good!

So lets see how the next two weeks goes… I do have one question – has anyone taking their baby to the cinema while on maternity leave? I’m debating doing this one morning this week to see Tully?!


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