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Lets all be honest, I think I can say this for ‘most’ women, we all have dreams of owning a Chanel bag. Typically the Chanel bag we are lusting for is their classic black quilted one… which will set us back approx. $5k… that’s quite a lot of money just for a bag… don’t get me wrong I would be DELIGHTED to own one but I can’t help but feel for that amount of money it’s a waste.


… so it’s nice when you find a very similar bag for a quarter of the price tag right ladies?! My hubs bought me a gorgeous leather quilted bag for my 25th birthday which was by an Italian designer – I swear I get asked if it’s Chanel every time I wear it – Please note I always tell the truth!


** My rings are from ASOS **

What I love about quilted bags is they are so versatile, and black being a color which goes with most outfits. It’s a good piece to add to your wardrobe which you will use time and time again. I want to say it’s an investment piece, but that’s me trying to justify the Chanel price tag!

So on that I’ve found a number of quilted bags, which are BARGAIN prices from high street brands! We all need that quilted bag in our closet ladies…

River Island, Michael Kors and ASOS.


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