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Would you believe me to know that I have had our baby name picked out for years?! Yes, before you ask I wanted the name ‘Luna’ WAYYYY before Chrissie and John picked it for their daughter! I always thought if we had a baby we would have a baby girl, and I was so confident in this that I got a moon tattoo’d on my side years ago as I wanted our baby girl to know we were expecting her! No lie!!


But, picking a name for your child can sometimes feel overwhelming. In addition to the possibilities you think up, it’s likely that friends and relatives will offer suggestions of their own – whether you want them to or not. Being from the UK it’s not a normal thing to announce the name before the babies arrival, however in the US it’s the norm. we ended up letting it slip to our friends here in the US our babies name… but tried to keep it quiet from our friends and family in the UK.

There’s no right or wrong way to pick a name for your baby. The most important consideration is to choose one you BOTH love and agree on.

Ultimately, your child will grow into whatever name you pick. Below are a few things to keep in mind as you decide.

How it sounds

Try yelling it, or saying it out loud, or pretend you are giving them into trouble or praise, does it sound good? Harsh?


You obviously want to set your child apart


What does this name say about your baby? What does it mean to you? I have asked my parents countless times why they picked my name.. I know my daughter will ask the same


In case your child wants to some day use her initials in a monogram item or to personalize something, or use in a work setting the last thing you want is it to be ‘STD or ZIT’

Names that age well

When you pick a name, just think about her using this in a professional setting and how it sounds and looks when she is older. Bunny or princess might seem cute now but when she is older it might not be!

It’s not an easy thing to do, and I think a HUGE responsiblity to pick your babies name, but as long as you are both happy then it’s the right decision. Just remember everyone is going to have an opinion, so prepare yourself!


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