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Happy Thursday… tomorrow we are off to Galveston with our friends (who are now basically our extended family!) for memorial weekend celebrations! I’m excited for the company, the sun, the pool, our first family trip, the chat and a change of scenery.

Today I ended up missing our doctors appointment due to my company mucking up cubs insurance, so I went into the office – it was lovely to see my colleagues but makes me sad thinking I only have 8 weeks left.. it’s gone too quick it’s crazy! 3 months just isn’t enough for any families I don’t think – but what can we do to not only change a culture or process within a global company, but change a nation!?

So, this post is all about one of my favorite brands which I only found out about while pregnant therefore I wanted to share my love!

Milkmaid Goods was founded by two moms who became new mothers and found it difficult to feel confident and beautiful while performing all the many functions of being a mom. I’m sure most of us new moms can relate – most of my ‘old’ clothes don’t fit, or don’t look the same on my ‘new’ body , plus you feel the opposite of sexy as you are feeding 24/7, exhausted and looking terrible with unwashed hair! I first bought one of their nursing ponchos which was the BEST purchase! I use it every day while nursing in public or if people come over to the house. Now I’ve just started our cub on formula because my milk seems to have dried up – but you may think it’s just for nursing but it can be worn as a cute poncho and also for car seat cover.

 Now the other product is the swaddle sets, which I got for the cub in Lilac Blossom for her newborn photoshoot and in general – the material is crazy soft – rayon/spandex blend. For us moms I purchased matching Robe (with pockets and easy nursing!) very flattering and again same maternity in same pattern. I have worn it so much – plus the newest fashion trend is Robe style so why not wear this out?!


Milkmaid Goods also have 24/7 dresses, diaper bags, baby dresses… I could go on! They are constantly introducing new patterns – ever tempting my wallet!

 Have you used this brand before?



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