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Is it just me, or does anyone else have a new found love for sneakers? I used to live in heels, then I moved to wedges, then sandals and now, naturally I LOVE sneakers! Why? I’d imagine the comfort value is a huge factor, especially now I’m running around with a car seat and carrying a little cub!

The above picture is EVERY pair of sneakers I own… the other day I was at the outlets with my mom and she treated me to a pair of slip on sketchers – first pair of sketchers I’ve ever had and it’s like walking on a cloud!! So what is on trend for 2018? Sneakers are a staple for everyones closets – but what are the styles to watch out for?

Muted Tones and Exaggerated Soles

As you can see from my collection it’s much like my wardrobe, khaki, mustard, gold and pink. Big soles are in.

Sport for Fashion, Not Fitness

I mean most of us have a great collection of sports attire used only running errands and not for fitness!

90’s Influence

The ’90s was known for its over-the-top, chunky trainer silhouettes (think Steve Jobs’s footwear) and neon flashes. Brands will offer colourful, playful looks and exclusive collaborations like the one between Reebok

Ugly Sneakers are very much IN!

‘Ugly’ fashion is back, and it’s here to stay, extending. We’ll see designers tapping into TV pop culture from the ’90s and ’00s, giving nostalgia its biggest reboot.


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