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Yesterday I had a clear out of my pants box and try on session. FINALLY my trousers and jeans fit – just need to sort the horrific muffin top! I mean it’s only been 5 weeks so I’m not stressing as yet!

This summer it’s all about the cropped skinnies, I’m talking jeans, leggings and pants! During my pregnancy I lived in dresses – normally in summer I cannot wait to put on a cute dress but this summer all I care about is pants and skirts! Embracing my waist it’s time to start showing some skin and wearing a pair of cropped pants is the perfect way to do it.

They look incredible with almost any type of shoe and even seem to elongate your legs. Whether you’re cutting them, cropping them or buying them short they will look fabulous!

Now, you may think that these are more casual attire but hello! Paired up with a dressed up top, pumps and blazer will look great – or pair with sneakers, tank and sunhat for more day look.

I love Capri pants for work – I always think it looks much slicker than a skirt suit, I love the tailored look.

For cropped pants I LOVE banana republic, j crew, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Target! I went through all my pants yesterday and I cannot wait to pull outfits together!


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