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DVF wrap dress is an iconic staple in a ladies closet, but what I think we forget about is the wrap skirt

Mini skirt, pencil skirt, maxi skirt, silk skirt, denim skirt: wrap skirts come in just about every print, color, and length you can think of. And they’re just as easy to wear as their full-dress counterpart. These skirts pair well with every top you already own, from plain white tees to colorful crop tops. Not to get all cliché, but they’re pretty easy and breezy too.

I’m a little bit obsessed with my floral patterned gap wrap skirt I bought in their sale this month. I actually saw it on another bloggers Instagram page and bought it on impulse – I find myself doing this more compared to instore or online browsing – it actually pushes me to try styles I never would have dreamt of in the past – like this skirt! It’s very feminine, versatile and timeless!

What I love about this investment skirt … i say that and I only paid $25!… is I can pair up with blazer and pumps for work outfits, or with a tee and wedges like I did today, or with a black crop top for dinner date! It’s too cute not to wear on all occasions!

Gap actually have two patterns to choose from – spoilt for choice!

To finish this simple outfit I just got my nails done (mani & pedi) tonight and picked white! Very hot for summer I just need a tan now – I mean houston is like 100 degrees.

It was actually nice to have some pampering time – hubs came home to look after cub – it may seem like an unnecessary priority to go get my nails done but I loved the quiet time, foot massage and BEAUTIFUL nails! I honestly love dip powder Nails so much!


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