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Eeeek how has it gone this quickly?! I’m nearly 6 Weeks in which means sadly only 6 weeks left until I’m back at work – that’s always in the back of my mind – so I guess I just need to ensure I’m making the most of my time!

So How to sum up the last month?? Countless sleepless nights, 2 emotional meltdowns (thanks to the sleepless nights!), too many wasted cups of tea which have gone cold, lots of cub meltdowns in the car (you know when you are stationary when stuck in traffic and they wake up?!) trip to Galveston with our friends, lots of walks and heaps of introductions! She has been spoilt with attention – I love how amazing our friends have been to us – I still feel in part like a zombie and I don’t retain as much information as I did before especially during conversations when I’m worrying about the cub if she’s being fussy! I get distracted all the time!

It’s been an amazing journey, I’m feeling more and more confident by the day but damn it’s tough!

Crazy what your body goes through and how quickly it goes back to ‘normal’ or as normal as it can be! I’m excited to start exercising to lose the last 6lbs!!!

I think my main two advice tokens I would pass on is firstly communication! Hubs has made innocent comments and because im tired and overly sensitive ive taken the wrong way …. however I’ve told him how I’ve felt throughout so he’s aware! I’ve felt emotional, I’ve felt sadness, I’ve felt overjoyed and overwhelmed! Its a huge change for your life and body! Think you also need to take time with your partner which we haven’t done yet – next visitor who comes out we are going to have a date night!!

Secondly, take ‘you time!’ Whether it’s getting Nails done, long shower. Going to meet a friend – I think these activities done on your own are vital. You need that time to yourself for a break and also to keep your identity.

Tips I’ve learnt in the 5 weeks with baby girl …

1. Zipper onsies are the ONLY way for pajamas and evening feeds!

2. If your baby is an escape artist use a sleep sack zipper swaddle

3. Our bassinet halo is a godsend next to bed – it swivels, vibrates, plays music, side can fold down and it has a light. It’s been amazing!! As you can see from picture it can be placed next to your bed. To me its like cosleeping without her being in the bed

4. Don’t hold baby at night when It’s her bedtime … she went through a period of only sleeping 💤 on me… you want them to sleep in bassinet

5. Don’t put pressure on yourself to lose the weight. If like me the first 3 weeks I didn’t care at all and I didn’t have time to care. It’s the last thing you should be thinking about – your body slowly will be going back to normal its taken me the full 6 weeks! My tummy has gone down a lot but I’m still carrying a pouch!

6. Breastfeeding- it’s amazing just to do what you can. I wanted to do 3 months and I only did a month. Don’t put pressure on yourself. The most important thing is your baby is healthy and well fed

I am enjoying this journey so much – I stare at her ALLLL the time I’m obsessed! Everyday her expressions are changing! Bring on the next 6 weeks and hopefully sleeping through the night!!

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