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Introducing Luna Rose to Ben & Harry

Not going to lie I’ve avoided the introductions as I just wasn’t sure how to do it safely and well … it wasn’t fair on the dogs putting it off but it’s a huge thing to do! Anyone else apprehensive?!

Our dogs even since they were pups have had their space, in our Uk house, apartment and then home here in Houston. This space is theirs – it’s where they eat and sleep and remain during the day while we are at work. We have always been pretty strict with this.

My routine is to have them out in the evenings for snuggles. During my pregnancy I would give them bones – our oldest dog is obsessed with food while our youngest is more into toys (he’s also ‘my’ dog)

So how did we introduce them?!

Harry would lay on my bump during my pregnancy. They also smelt the babies washing (baby detergent) so they got used to smell.

When we took Luna Rose home I gave them one of her blankets to get used to the smell.

Only today I finally ‘set them free!’ – ben continued to eat his bone uninterested and maybe happy for a break from harry – Harry smelt the entire downstairs all of her things!

Then he settled down next to us after watching her and fell asleep!

It feels so good to have our dogs out – unfortunately they have been abandoned by me lately I have felt so guilty.

How did you introduce your dogs and how quickly?! Any tips?

I write this as harry just stretched out to put his paw on us! Tooo cute!!!


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