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If I make it downstairs before noon on a ‘normal’ day at home when the cub and I have no plans it’s a miracle! So I looked into ways I can ‘upgrade’ our system, things I could do maybe the night before to help.

Now, I’m still learning and we still have days where she pees on her mat while I’m changing her, or is sick on me and herself (cue this afternoon!!!)

So how do I make things easier on myself…?!


Each night I do the following:

🦄 Changing stations top up of diapers, wipes, blankets, cover and burp cloths

🦄 bottles, water and formula laid out for morning feed and night feeds

🦄 change burp cloths at feeding stations (yes we have all these locations!!!)

🦄 wash bottles not being used

🦄 Lay out her outfit for morning

🦄 put away washing, put on washing, tidy up house, put on dishwasher. I basically aim to do everything house work related the night before so I have no ‘chores’ left to do in the morning

🦄 ensure her pajamas, sleep sack and before bed feed us laid out ready to change and feed while listening to ‘bed time music’

Already night time preparation has helped me so much and im a lot less stressed out in the morning – plus makes it easier for us to keep on top of things!


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