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We have officially been living in our Houston home for just over a year now! Slowly but surly we are making little changes to create our dream home – obviously funds and time play a big part! Before we moved in we painted all the walls white (the décor the previous owners left it in would make you speechless!!) and replaced carpets upstairs.

When we spoke about buying a house we agreed on 4 bedrooms, 2 spare rooms (little did we know one would be Luna Roses’ room!!), Master bedroom and I requested a room to be converted into my closet and work space. I appreciate to some this may seem like a selfish request or poor use of space but it’s been my absolute DREAM to do this and I promised myself when we buy our family home one of the rooms would be mine (don’t’ feel bad for my hubby, he has a huge garage). Well my wish came true!

I have spent a lot of time getting this room to how I want it, and I’ve thought about getting a curricular ottoman, like you get in shoe stores, in the middle, BUT I can’t help but think it may be too much? Thoughts? If I found one, then I would most definitely add and rearrange.

Seems like everyone has their shoes on display in shelving, I would like to think we were ahead of the curve! We bought this simple ikea book shelves 7 years ago, 7 YEARS Y’ALL! and I added fashion pictures for the background. Honestly love these shelves, they have been everywhere with us! I love having my shoes on display – to me they are like art!

On the right side of wardrobe is for work wear and the left is casual clothes. In our spare room closet is all my going out dresses.

I got this bargain clothes rail off amazon – I wanted something with shelves.

Manikins are my way of putting together my outfits and seeing how they look with different accessories and patterns, I change this up every week with something new!!

Instead of buying a traditional desk my hubs found this A M A Z I N G vanity with lights! It’s too impressive! I finished it off with statement chair and cushion.

Sure you can see why it’s my favorite room in house! So thoughts on the ottoman ?!


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