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Thought I would continue tour round our house – or the rooms I’m happy with! As I said in previous post it’s been just over a year of us living in our room, and slowing we are making the changes we want to making our house a home. I love our house so much it’s crazy, but still have little projects I’m excited to start or change once we have money – the usual issues us gals have!

Being on maternity leave I think it has made me look at our house more, maybe because I’m spending so much time at home, and I’ve cleared out EVERY single room, every single cupboard, every closet, every drawer and every room – so that’s been a great positive.

I recently rearranged our living area and it’s made a world of difference! We are lucky with the feature brick wall and fire area, it looks so rustic and beautiful. We painted the walls white when we moved in, thinking it would be easier to have a clear canvas to work on if we decided to add color at a later date, which I’m glad we did as much as I protested to hubs! The color theme we went with was brown and mustard. I’m sure you already know how much I love this color from my wardrobe attire!

Most of the items we have in our living room, except our sofas, I’ve found in random places! The glass coffee table was my friends, the other coffee table with glass which looks similar I found in our apartment bin (no lie! someones trash is another persons gold!) the other tables are from TK Maxx. As you can see I don’t like matchy matchy! I got that from my mothers décor! The ottomans are both from Ikea and work perfectly in this room.

The Lamp on the table is vintage and the standing lamp is ikea! It’s great to mix eras, and modern vs older! Vintage I think is a kinder work! Thank goodness for craigs list and facebook pages for picking up second hand deals for a fraction of the price.

The Coffee table books are my favorite, Carrie local blogger bringing color into Houston, Alexander McQueen and our wedding album. What more do you need on your coffee table (maybe Tom Ford, I would be happy to end with his book, or Bible as it should be known!)

I always feel so comfortable, relaxed in this space. It’s taken a while but finally how we want it !


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