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I am addicted to perfumes! I have a drawer filled with them to choose from but I obviously have my favorites! Fun fact for you: I wore Chanel for the first time on my wedding day and have never looked back! It’s one of my signature fragrances!

For all you fellow brits that live in America is it just me or is Jo Malone crazy expensive here in the US compared to purchasing in the UK by like double!

Thankfully Primark came out with their private collection of perfumes which were named the jo Malone dupe and cost $5-10! They have 4 perfumes in their collection set!

I have their Amber Noir.

Perfume notes: Oriental fragrance with White Jasmine, Patchouli, Suede and Vanilla Bean

This spicy Amber fragrance is inspired by Morocco and it smells amazing. I have been in love with the Jo Malone Cologne Intense fragrances since they first came out and this Amber Noir smells closest to their Oud and Bergamot scent.


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