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3.5 weeks until I’m back at work… in order to make myself feel better I’m trying to get organized so the weekend before won’t hurt as much! One of the things I needed to do was organize my work closet. I’ve split my closets into work wear and casual wear. The other wardrobe has occasion and going out dresses.

So why is it so important I get my work attire ready?! Dressing for the job I want starts now… or actually in 3.5 weeks! Forget the corporate suit sets and nondescript heels, because dressing for the office should never feel like a job. Look to creative layers, bold heels, bright blouses, and sleek outerwear to rethink the office dress code — and give your workwear a raise.

Here are a couple of work wear tips I live my life by day to day!

  • Use accessories to spice up your outfits

  • LBD are classic for any occasion

  • Try out new material to mix up your wardrobe. Love this leather skirt from Zara, so much so I have it in three other colors!

  • Don’t always have to opt for dresses. I love pants paired with a cute top – simple and sophisticated

  • Blazers are key! I used to work with a company that whenever you left your room you needed to be dressed in a blazer – never know who you might bump in to. One should always be presentable.


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