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Y’all, I was reading a post today of a celebrity who recently had a baby who’s 3 weeks old. She proudly did a photoshoot without any airbrushing or photoshop just her natural body.

How many women would feel confident enough to do that? She visibly has a bump – which may surprise a lot of people but it’s normal! Us ladies aren’t super hero’s after carrying a baby for 9 months our bodies don’t bounce back that quickly, what we see in the press of girls in their bikinis or underwear a couple of days isn’t real life and it promotes unnecessary pressure.

I’m beyond proud of what my body has done. I’m not happy with it and I have work to do but I’m certainly not doing any crazy diets or starving myself to look a certain way. I’m taking my time because I want to enjoy this time with my baby girl!

This picture is 3 days after I gave birth. The bump game is real! I thought it would disappear overnight but it hasn’t and I like, I don’t love, but I like my pouch.

I’m sharing this post because this is NORMAL! So let’s keep it real moms! I’m not embarrassed I’m proud!


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