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Today I’ve been ‘social media happy’ as I spent the entire day at home! It was nice to do nothing for once, no driving, no running around, just watching Suits!

So it was a great opportunity to give my feet & toes pampering with a fresh nail polish along with a face mask!

This is my face mask of the week!! Goldfaden MD detox facial mask.


Zinc Oxide, Sulfur and Camphor are the hero ingredients in Goldfaden MD Facial Detox. The first reduces redness and inflammation; the second balances oil production and gently exfoliates the skin. Lastly, Camphor, a powerful astringent, purifies and comforts areas prone to breakouts that crave a soothing treatment.

A pioneer in the natural skin care arena, Goldfaden MD has composed a stunning ingredient deck with this new mask. Bentonite Clay is infused with healing plant extracts from the Japanese Pagoda Tree, Comfrey and White Bird of Paradise Seed. Salicylic Acid and antioxidant rich botanicals–Raspberry, Grape and White Tea–round out the genius formula.


Part of the ‘Problem’ range, Facial Detox is intended for those with oily and acne prone skin. Since the mask doubles as a spot treatment. The sad truth: everyone gets an occasional pimple that casually ruins your day. If you struggle with enlarged pores, blackheads, stubborn zits that pop up out of nowhere, and need assistance minimizing the damage (read: inflammation, redness, etc), you’ll love this mask.


The Goldfaden MD Facial Detox mask is smooth and deliciously creamy in texture. It applies easily and dries soft without crumbling down your face (a major perk when you are multitasking with that first cup of coffee). Because of the healthy dose of Zinc Oxide, be sure to rinse it off thoroughly and with a washcloth or a facial sponge.

There is a subtle, refreshing and invigorating all natural aroma. Wear it on cleansed skin for 10-15 minutes and use it every other day or so to keep that glow going the entire week.


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