a Scottish girl living the American dream. Fashion, beautiful and everything fabulous to me!

Holy toot it’s Thursday afternoon … I’ve changed my outfit 3 times (2x spit up and 1x getting into my running outfit) I’ve also fished cubs outfit 3x … as you guessed cause she spit up! I’m now laying on the ground next to her while she naps and I watch suits.

This morning we went to FM Kitchen for brunch – I’ve been dying to visit this place in like forever! It was too cute, casual, service was amazing and food was deliciously healthy! I couldn’t go without taking a picture with the most adorable wall art in Houston! Right?!

We then stopped by Cantina the B E S T and only place for a decent coffee (trying to be good so passed on the pastries!) it’s rated top coffee spots in Houston just FYI I know where it’s at !

Next stop Houston’s up and coming shopping district in the heart of downtown ‘greenstreet’ – I love ‘make her boutique’ which combines 4 of Houston’s local talent mix of beauty products, jewelry and clothing!

They also have cutest colorful wall… again would be rude not to take picture!

So one more day of maternity leave … how will I spend it? Exploring more of what houston has to offer?!


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