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This is my third Monday back to work… and our building AC is out so I’ve ended up working from home this morning which has been good to catch up – I feel like that’s all I’ve done is ‘catch up’ over the last couple of weeks back to work and I still don’t seem in the rhythm of everything! Luckily, or unluckily for me, I can’t decide yet, my colleagues just left my account alone so I’m trying to book as many meetings as possible along with follow up on all my stuff from 12 weeks ago!

It’s definitely not as bad as I thought it would be, but I think it’s mainly down to how well she has settled into her day care. The ladies love her so much, she smiles every time I drop her off so that makes it easier on me. Plus they have live video feed which is comforting, I’m trying not to spend all day stalking her and being a crazzzzy mom! One tip I will say is get to know the ladies who are taking care of your baby, we have brought in cute thank you cards and cookies just to say thank you and show our appreciation. So far she has only picked up one cold – and has now kindly passed it on to me!

So what would be the main things I’ve learnt from trial and error since going back to work which may help other mamas….

  • As soon as you come home from day care wash all bottles and repack baby cubs back pack straight away. Never leave this until the next morning as you know you will be running behind!
  • I was just using a plastic bag initially to drop off bottles and formula but we just bought a back pack the other day which has made our life much easier
    • lay out outfits for the week ahead for mama and baby = no running around in the morning especially for mama… and I realize in the morning the outfit doesn’t fit then I feel sad and moody.. no one needs that!! I put baby cubs outfits into little pouches to just grab. I do this every Saturday morning
    • keep flip flops in the car for dropping off and picking up day care – tottering around in high heels while trying to carry everything isn’t fun nor safe PLUS you need to take your shoes off before going into infants room
    • Commit to a time when you leave work. I’m trying to leave work at 4pm sharp now to pick up baby girl – everything else at work can wait. It’s a long enough day plus that has kept me sane sticking to this
    • I try to feed her an hour before I get to day care so I know she will have at least an hour at day care before they have to feed her – I don’t think it’s fair to drop off along with all the other babies being dropped off and expect them to instantly feed so I try to plan it out as best I can
    • We moved baby cub into her crib the weekend before I went back to work and honestly it was the best thing we have done to have that transition. She seems to sleep better away from me and I’m less stressy now too.
    • Ensure you have next 4x wipes and bag of diapers ready ahead of day care asking for them. I’m always trying to be ahead so you aren’t scrambling the night before
    • Think positive thoughts… heading back to work so early sucks, and the guilt I’ve had is horrible, I feel sad until I drop her off and she how happy she is. My favorite time of day is picking her up!! It will get better, and honestly to all you working mamas high five, we are all doing this to provide the best possible lives for our babies and that is awesome!
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